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hey everyone, i stumbled across this group whilst searching for… - Ignorance never settles a question [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 13th, 2004|04:43 pm]
The Conversation Community
hey everyone, i stumbled across this group whilst searching for "django reinhardt" and decided to join, cos anybody who likes django reinhardt can't be all that bad, right? so about me... i'm a 17 year old guy from northern england who now lives in the bay area. i've been living in germany for the past few months and i miss it. i love jazz, doing capoeira, going out to eat, learning languages, macs, old MGM movies, singing, playing alto sax, trying to attain nirvana, watching dude where's my car in german, and enjoying life... although i can be pretty pessimistic sometimes and think that my generation is complete.... well... shit? anyroad, looks like a cool group... looking forward to meeting you lot.

[User Picture]From: the_kilgore
2004-12-14 06:54 pm (UTC)
hey there. it's good to see more people joining the community. i started it by the way. yes, Django is a fabulous guitarist and i wish more poeople from our generation(s) could appreciate him. i can also agree that the people in our age group have given us a crappy label. about myself, i'm a 15 year old guy from Los Angeles, CA, USA. i can't wait to move away from here so that i may actually breathe in a healthy environment ("environment" as in physical and mental, and the ability to breathe being physical and mental). my inerests include reading modern prose (Kurt Vonnegut is my favorite author), writing, and learning how to play Classical guitar, Didgeridoo and (speaking of northern England, Scottish Territories at all?) the Bagpipe. or Dudelsack as you might know of it. you mentioned that you lived in the bay area, do you mean California at all?
hopefully we can get to know more of eachother in the future,
take care.

p.s. - feel free to visit my journal.
p.p.s. - i'm also glad to have found someone who can speak of Nirvana without making a reference to the band.
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From: scouser
2004-12-15 03:41 am (UTC)
hey... it's good to know that somebody my age actually appreciates good music! i can't wait to move either, the bay area is a nice place but i guess i'm pretty nomadic. yes, i do live in california now. it's cool but i feel stuck here. i think that's awesome that you play those cool instruments, especially the bagpipes... myself i'm thinking of learning to play the uilleann pipes because i love the sound of them, and i'm part irish. but a full set costs a great deal of money, so i have to save up. i am indeed familiar with the scottish territories, but i come from merseyside. i've always wanted to live in scotland, it's so beautiful there. well anyroad it's good to meet you and keep on piping!
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